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Did you know that termites cause over $5 billion in damages every year? Anti Termite in Dubai Sharjah & Abu Dhabi Termite is one of the types of insects have this insect is so named because it resembles the usual ants but be a white color, and termite main diet is a material cellulose is present this article in abundance in the (domestic wooden furniture, wood, carpets, rugs, curtains, fabrics, clothing , buildings) so it is one of the dangerous insects. This type of ants live in large colonies where the huge size of each colony up to thirty thousand to nearly two million each colony, these colonies organization is to a large degree so that every variety of ants have a role to play and is committed to doing.
The QPC TEAM can monitor your home and help prevent Termite infestation.
1: Attacking the houses, leading to the collapse of the building as he attacks the property rights such as tires, stored materials, fabrics, wooden doors and windows. 2: Attacking the palm trees and fruit trees of various kinds, which leads to dehydration and death of trees or get low-value crop and quantity also. 3: Attack all kinds of crops grown in the territory, such as sugar, corn, sesame, wheat, cane as he attacks the stored crops such as rice, dates, wheat.
Our trained technicians utilize the most effective and environmentally friendly methods of eliminating termites from your home. We are leaders in anti termite in Dubai, Anti termite in Abu dhabi & Sharjah. Quality Pest Control will treat you ethically and fairly in the protection of your home against invading pests and property damaging termite infestations and we stand behind our service with our Damage Repair Warranty. It includes
  • A comprehensive inspection
  • A termite treatment with the best termite defense product
  • A Three-month termite elimination inspection
  • An annual inspection