Pest control services in Dubai

Pest control services in Dubai and UAE for treating pest problems facing by residents of UAE. We started our journey in 2005 by providing

Many untrained people operate without license & Knowledge of pest control which gives poor results to UAE clients. Our business operates with well-trained operators and Pest control Engineers. following Integrated pest management in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah made our pest control services successful in satisfying our clients.

Quality Pest Control is completely approved by respective government entities in all Emirates our business is ISO 9001;2008 certified.

Our services are cockroach control, bedbugs spray, bed bugs heat treatment, rodent control, mice pest control, wasp pest control, mice control by bait station, anti-termite, silverfish pest control, lizard, bees and fly control by integrated pest management.

Residential to Commercial Pest Control Services, Fumigation and Anti termite services in Dubai contact us to get rid of Pests, Rodents, Cockroach, Bed bugs, Termites & Ants.

Pest control services in Dubai for Cockroach control

We are best exterminators of cockroaches in Dubai, Call now for clearing your pest problems. Pest control services in Dubai professionally our technicians will provide treatment.
Bedbugs control – Our bedbugs control program helped many clients to sleep happily. We spray and do steam treatment for controlling bedbugs.
Rat Control – Rodents bait station will installed and glue traps will be places to control rats. Quick rat control in Dubai with immediate response by Pest control services in Dubai.

Health Hazards due to Pests in Home:

Everyone is aware generally any domestic pest infestation leads to health hazards. In the United Arab Emirates, we have enclosed flat either in villa or apartments due to Air conditioning and temperature. Any pests or its habitat will not have space to leave out of home which makes pest control is most important in this region. Here we are giving some knowledge about the health hazards of pests.

Skin Infection

Pests like bed bugs causes skin infections and phobia effecting human health physically and mentally. Hence so far bedbug’s infestation is most scared problems facing by UAE residents.

Asthma & Respiratory Issues

Insect and rodent infestations are horrible to have in home, they’re also a major health hazard, especially for individuals already suffering with allergies and asthma.Cockroach carcasses and droppings release a protein that has been proven to trigger an allergic reaction in susceptible individuals. This can lead to a severe, life-threatening asthma attack.

Food Poisoning

Some Domestic pests flying insects, house fly and lizards causes food poisoning by contaminating uncovered food directly or indirectly. This leads to stomach pain and diarrhea.

West Nile Virus

West Nile virus is a very serious hazard that has become more prevalent over the years. An infected mosquito transmits this virus when it bites a human. This disease can cause life-threatening illness in individuals and is not something to be taken lightly hence contact Pest control services in Dubai.Because children and the elderly are especially susceptible, it’s important you utilize some sort of mosquito control to protect your home and family.

Hantavirus & Leptospirosis

Rodents carrying Hantavirus and Leptospirosis spread these diseases through their urine and droppings. Hantavirus can lead to respiratory issues, hemorrhagic fever and death, while leptospirosis can cause liver failure, brain swelling, and possible death. The only way to ensure that your family is never exposed to these terrible illnesses is to make sure that rodents don’t have access to your home.

Please note if you are aware of pests in home it’s important to take care of an infestation when you first notice the initial signs. Call Quality Pest Control to take care of your problems. Booking appointment is easy with us in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Waiting can be a huge mistake because infestations typically get worse over time, and the worse they get, the more danger they are to your health. If you allow the infestation to exist, the pests can multiply, and your problem will inevitably get bigger

Safety Guidelines of Pest control

Safety plays major role in pest control business, Hence Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Municipalities have strict rules in issuing license for pest control services. Few incidents also UAE residents are aware that are published in khaleejtimes , gulf news related to pest control. Pest control services in Dubai providing below details.

Personal safety

  • Wearing all safety equipment like gloves, mask, eye protection and full body covered uniform.
  • Do not touch opened/used chemical bottles without wearing gloves
  • Handling and storage of pest control chemicals and keep away children reaching treated areas for couple of hours.
  • Read MSDS before usage of pest control chemicals.

Chemical safety

  • Do not use chemicals which are not approved and Do not mix without supervisor concern.
  • Lock the doors and windows after pest control spray treatment for 3 to 4 hours and do not allow pets also.
  • Wash and mop the floor and treated areas after pest control service is completed.
  • Use fogging devices and treatment only in less populated areas.
  • Store chemicals in Vehicle with separate and air tight cabin.
  • Do not touch a Bait station which contains poison.