Pest Control Oud Metha

Oud Metha is a residential locality in Dubai. It also houses many commercial and entertainment centres. Are you being troubled by pests in your house/office at Oud Metha? If yes, QPC LLC can help you to eliminate these pest infestations. Oud Metha has both new and old buildings. The commonly found pests here are cockroaches, rodents, and bed bugs. We are a leading pest control service provider in Oud Metha and our strength is in that we have handled many pest extermination projects for both residential/commercial clients here in this area.

We have been providing pest control services for nearly 14 years now. What makes us stand out is our capability in providing proactive and preventive pest control services. We provide state-of-the-art treatments to resolve pest problems. If pest control in Oud Metha is your concern, just call us and speak to one of the customer care executives and get your doubts clarified.

Cockroach Control Oud Metha

Locating cockroaches in your home/office can often be a challenging task. This job is best left to professional pest controllers. We do a thorough job of quickly making your house free of cockroaches.

Cockroaches carry pathogens like Salmonella which can cause gastroenteritis and dysentery. Exposure to cockroaches’ droppings poses risks for other health conditions such as eczema and asthma.

Cockroaches are hardy creatures and they multiply rapidly. Therefore, professional interventions are necessary for controlling any cockroach infestation. Specialized products are required to eliminate cockroaches present in various stages of their lifecycle.

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Bed Bugs Control Oud Metha

Bed bugs, which are parasitic insects, are small in size and feed on the human blood and that of other warm-blooded animals. Cimex lectularius is a species that feeds on human blood. Adults grow to 5 mm in length. Before feeding, they are flat, light brown and oval. However, they become round and dark after their feed.

Typically, they are nocturnal creatures and are attracted by the human body’s warmth and smell of carbon dioxide in human breath. That’s why they are found close to beds and other places where they take rest. They hide in cracks or crevices all through the day.

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Rat Control Oud Metha

We use rodent control methods that are different but highly effective. These treatments have to be continued for a sufficient amount of time to achieve the desired results. Depending on specific situations in that exist in your home or office, we recommend the best methods or a combination of different methods to get the best outcomes. We use different methods that include use of bait/poison, setting up live traps or glue traps, and using ultrasonic repellents all of which are very effective. The extent of the infestation, type of rodent, and the area to be covered are all some of the factors that are taken into consideration for recommending the best treatment method.

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Pest Control in Oud Metha…QPC will do an effective job for you. Whether you are looking for rat control, bed bugs elimination, or cockroach eradication, we can help you out.