Pest Control Jebel Ali

Do you happen to live in Jebel Ali, the large commercial port/business hub lying on the southern outskirts of the Dubai Emirate? For your pest control needs Quality Pest Control can surely be of help. This town has both business enterprises as well as residential buildings. Some of these buildings harbour pests such as cockroaches, rats and bed bugs. For pest control in Jabel Ali, you should get in touch with us at QPC as we can look after all your pest extermination needs.

We at QPC have been providing pest control services for well over a decade now. We lead the competition in this area because of our high-quality services and efficient and effective operations. We follow best practices for pest control treatments and use environment-friendly methods. If you need our services, you can call our executives and get all the information.

Cockroach Control in Jebel Ali

If your home or office has been infested by cockroaches, the most difficult task is to locate them. As professional pest control service providers, we do this task very easily. We also thoroughly clean your home and make it cockroach free.

Cockroaches are known to carry harmful microorganisms such as salmonella bacteria which are known to cause gastroenteritis and dysentery. They can even spread skin diseases such as eczema and asthma.

Cockroaches are hardy and have survived for millions of years. They multiply easily and it is difficult to get rid of them through traditional means. We use different kinds of specialized products to eliminate them in different stages of their life cycle.

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Bed Bugs Control Jebel Ali

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that are small-sized. They feed on human blood as well as those of other warm-blooded animals. The bed bug species, Cimex lectularius, is known to feed on human blood. Adults have a length of about 5 mm long. Though they appear brown and flat before feeding they usually turn round and dark after feeding on blood.

Bed bugs are active in the night times and are attracted to warm human bodies when they are sleeping. They hide in the wall crevices during the daytime and make it to the bed corners by night from where they can drink the blood easily.

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Rat Control Jabel Ali

Rat infestations are common in commercial buildings as well as residential buildings. Extermination of rat infestations has to be done for a length of time using specialized methods to completely get rid of them and prevent any kind of re-infestation.

Some of the methods used for removing rat infestation include the use of poison, baits, use of glue traps, live traps, and ultrasonic repellants. The treatment method chosen depends on several factors such as the type of rat causing the infestation, the area to be treated and the extent of the infestation.

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For effective and efficient pest control in Jebel Ali, QPC is perhaps the pest control services provider that you should contact. We will help you to get rid of the cockroaches, rats and bed bugs.