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As a Dubai Municipality approved pest control services provider, Quality Pest Control (QPC) has the expertise as well as the experience to protect your home and your family, and even your business, from all kinds of pests.

We are a full-service pest control company in Dubai and our professed mission is to provide all our customers with effective and ecologically responsible pest management solutions so as to protect their homes, health, and offices. We, therefore, employ low impact techniques to eliminate the pests. Further, as part of providing complete pest control services, we take an integrated approach in order to target the source of the problem rather than just alleviate the symptoms.

When it comes to pest control services in Dubai, we are fully aware of the environmental footprint caused by the use of chemicals and the damages suffered by our ecosystem and we, therefore, act responsibly, respecting and protecting the world we all share. Quality Pest Control is very much a local company and we have both UAE residents and ex-pats of all nationalities on our rolls.

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    Our Pest Control Service – How Does It Work

    If you are experiencing pest infestation of any kind in your home or office, all that you have to do is get in touch with us. You can contact us either through our “Advanced Booking System” online or our Phone numbers. One of our expert technicians will visit your premises, carry out an inspection and provide you with a solution.

    As one of the premier pest control services providers in Dubai, we help our customers to get rid of all kinds of pests – including beds bugs, termites, rodents, cockroaches, bees, flies, and spiders. We have been providing high quality services for 15 years now. Our service extends to all every nook and corner of Dubai.

    Our Guarantee

    To maintain the high standards of our pest control services, we use only the best quality products supported by effective pest elimination procedures. Thus we make sure that your home is protected from pests all the time. Besides, we offer these best quality services at the most competitive rates in the market. You are free to utilize our satisfaction guarantee offer which readily means you are deriving high value for the money that you give us.

    Our Services

    Everywhere across the world pests are a major problem that both residents and visitors have to contend with. In case of Dubai, the most commonly present pests here are cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents and ants. You need to take action as soon as you can, so the treatment becomes effective. Early action serves to prevent pest infestations. The pest control services offered by us are:

    Residential Pest Control in Dubai

    Our residential pest control services are designed to be easy on you and tough on pests. Whether you live in Villas or Apartments we give you 100% protection from all kinds of pests through our Integrated pest management system.

    Irrespective of whether it is summer or winter, undesirable pests around your home can sneak inside whenever the conditions are conducive. You can prevent the pests from entering your premises with the help of our Perimeter Protection Program. It serves to create an invisible protection wall around your premises. When the exterior of your premises is provided with a protection band, unwanted pests do not enter your home. Residential pest control services we provide include cockroach control, bed bugs control, rat control, ant control, termites control, and fly control anywhere in Dubai.

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    Commercial Pest Control

    We provide high-quality pest management services to protect your business premises. We are serving to different kind of businesses which includes Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Schools and their facilities including labor camps.

    It does not matter which industry you are involved in, you cannot just afford to do without reliable commercial pest control services for your property but choose an experienced service provider like Quality Pest Control (QPC). For many businesses, it is essential to comply with the specified health codes. For others, it helps to reduce the risk of losing clients because of cockroach, rat, or bed bugs infestations. Every year, pests damage foods worth millions. In addition, pests cause damage to your properties.

    Highly skilled technicians in our team have the knowledge and experience to employ the most modern techniques to effectively eliminate pests from all kinds of commercial spaces. In short, we can proudly say that we have the capability to protect your business premises from even the most tough to handle infestations.

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    Why Choose us for Pest Control in Dubai

    • Approved by Dubai Municipality
    • Certified/Licensed and Experienced Technicians
    • Round the clock Service
    • Wide Coverage
    • Humans safe and environment-friendly pest control services
    • Integrated Pest Management Approach


    Pests can make your home, office, or commercial space very unhygienic. This can lead to various types of illnesses and diseases. Pests can cause serious damages to your property. So, do not wait.
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