Pest Control Baniyas

The gated urban community Baniyas in Abu Dhabi features luxury villas and apartments. If your home in this locality needs pest control treatment, we will only be too glad to help you. At Quality Pest Control, we specialize in providing customer-oriented services and that’s why we make available a dedicated team to service the area even at short notice. The key features of our services for pest control in Baniyas area are:

Environment-Friendly Technology

As the best pest control service provider in Baniyas, we employ eco-friendly technology to get rid of the pests in your home.

Certified Professional Team

Our team consists of certified professionals who implement pest control measures in an effective and safe manner to provide you with the best treatment outcomes.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We assure complete satisfaction to our customers as we entrust the job of pest eradication to only highly qualified professionals. They implement the best solutions to ensure complete extermination and prevent re-infestation.

Now, if you are looking for customized service, just give us a call today!

Cockroach Control Baniyas

Cockroaches are nocturnal pests and they are commonly seen in apartments and villas because of the availability of food. A number of species of cockroaches are known to live along with humans, but the most common ones are the German and American cockroaches. As they have the ability to adapt themselves to a wide range of climatic conditions, they are very hardy pests. They feed on human and pet food. The places infested by cockroaches have an offensive odor. In addition, they carry pathogens and cause allergic reactions such as asthma in humans. To eradicate cockroach infestation, professional support is very important.

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Bed Bugs Control Baniyas

Bed bugs are parasites and they are known to feed on human blood. They grow and multiply very fast and impact the health of humans in many ways. Health issues caused by bed bugs include allergic reactions, rashes, and skin irritations. They get attracted to high moisture content, carbon dioxide, and warm environs. They bite and drink blood from the exposed body parts of humans such as the face, arms, and foot. It is not easy to get rid of these parasitic pests. That’s when our customized services come in handy for you.

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Rat Control Baniyas

Rodents are known to cause a great deal of damages to buildings, stored grain, crops in the field, and equipment on an annual basis. Addition, they have been identified as carriers for as many as 60 diseases. They pass on the illnesses and diseases to humans and their pets, and even livestock. The economic losses caused by rats are immense. The diseases commonly caused because of a rat infestation include plague, Weil’s disease, and salmonellosis. If you feel that there is a rat infestation in your home, you should never hesitate in seeking professional help.

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Wondering as to which agency is the best for pest control in Baniyas? You don’t have to look beyond QPC. We provide comprehensive solutions for pest problems.