Pest Control Al Rashidiya

Al Rashidiya is a residential locality in Dubai located on the southern side of the Dubai International Airport in Deira. Several government offices, shopping malls and villas find a place here.

If you happen to live in this area, you can contact QPC L.L.C. for availing of their pest control services whenever the requirement arises. As licensed pest control service providers and approved by the Dubai and Sharjah municipalities, our certified and trained team of pest control technicians are geared to tackle any pest infestation emergency even at short notice.  Our Pest Control Al Rashidiya team is ready for action any time as part of pest control in Al Rashidiya.

We can take care of pest management issues that may arise either in your home or your office spaces. We serve to eliminate pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, and rats and many others as well. You can call us at QPC to have a chat with our pest control experts and get a solution for the pest issues that you are facing.

Cockroach Control Al Rashidiya

Cockroaches live in crevices on the wall, under floorboards of the kitchen and bathroom and in drains where it is dark and moist. These environs are suitable for their growth and multiplication. They are nocturnal creatures. They contaminate foodstuff and spread disease-carrying microorganisms. In case of a cockroach infestation in your home or office, it is not easy to remove it using household methods. Instead, it is best that you give us a call at QPC and we will use professional and environment-friendly pest-removal techniques to get them out from your space.

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Bed Bugs Control Al Rashidiya

In case a bed bug infestation in your home or office has got you worried, we can send our professional pest controllers to remove the infestation in the shortest time possible. Our specialized treatment methods for eliminating the bed bugs include the use of sprays. Here the chances of a re-infestation are near zero. As this one is a specialized job, it is best to leave the job to QPC technicians. If you try to remove bed bugs on your own, it is likely not to be effective.

Bed bugs survive on human blood. During day time they hide in the crevices of walls and, it is difficult to spot them. In the night, they are drawn towards the sleeping human beings. Bed bugs bites can cause allergies and skin irritations.

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Rat Control Al Rashidiya

Infestation by rats is a daunting problem in many places around the world. Rats can cause immense destruction to things and property. Infestation by rats can be spotted when you find their droppings are strewn all over and fallen hairs. This is a dangerous situation because they spread many dangerous diseases. At QPC, we spot rat infestations quickly and easily deal with such situations.

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At QPC, we give you the most professional solution for pest control in Al Rashidiya. We remove pestilence due to rats, cockroaches, and bed bugs and take enough care so that re-infestation does not occur.