Pest Control Al Mafraq

Al Mafraq is a popular industrial area in Abu Dhabi has many commercial spaces, warehouses and residential buildings. If you live in this part of the Emirate, we at QPC can help you with your pest control requirements. We are a leading pest control services provider in UAE have been in the business for about a decade and a half.

AT QPC, our treatment methods are of high-quality and environmentally friendly. Above all, we provide desired results when it about eliminating cockroach, bed bugs, rat, and termite infestations from your home or office spaces. Our pest control services are officially approved by the Dubai and Sharjah municipalities. We have executed several projects for prestigious organizations in this locality.

QPC’s integrated pest control in Al Mafraq involves intense initial planning as part of the pest removal strategy. We inspect the area to be treated and then decide on a course of treatment depending on the type of the pest, the amount of area to be covered and the extent of the infestation.

Cockroach Control Al Mafraq

We control cockroach infestations with environmentally friendly methods and use gels and sprays to exterminate them. These happen to be the best methods of controlling the cockroach infestations in the Al Mafraq area.

Cockroaches tend to thrive in dark and moist spaces in the house. However, large numbers can also be found in office buildings and warehouses. They thrive on all kinds of foodstuffs that humans consume. Therefore, they end up contaminating these foods with the disease-carrying germs that they carry.

Traditional home remedies are not effective to control cockroach infestations. You should seek professional help in these cases.

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Bed Bugs Control Al Mafraq

We can contain bed bug infestations in your home or office using specialized spray treatments that we employ. It is also done in a manner to reduce any possibilities of a re-infestation of the area. This procedure will be implemented following best practices by the QPC team of professional pest control officials.

Bed bugs are known to cause skin allergies and rashes to humans when they infest a dwelling. They are very elusive and difficult to spot. They are very active in the nights when they come out to find food.

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Rat Control Al Mafraq

Rats are species of the rodent family and are frequently spotted in the UAE. They multiply rapidly and quickly infest home dwellings and commercial spaces. They eat a variety of food to survive and this is one reason for their quick multiplication. There are different types of rats mice, roof rats and Norway rats. Places infested by rats usually carry their droppings and fallen hairs.

In addition to making your home dirty, they carry deadly diseases. Any type of rat infestation has to be therefore handled by professional pest control service providers in the earliest stages.

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For quick action pest control in Al Mafraq, you can make a call to QPC LLC. We will help to eliminate any cockroach, rat or bed bug infestation in the shortest time possible.