Pest Control - Al Barsha

Al Barsha is one of the newer residential areas in West Dubai. However, pest infestations are a common problem here too. We at Quality Pest Control are proud to be a high-quality pest control services provider in this area. We can remove infestations by rats, cockroaches and bed bugs both in residential buildings and commercial spaces. Our certified and trained team of dedicated technicians is capable of handling all the different types of pest infestations. We are approved by the Dubai Municipality to provide pest control in Al Barsha. We adhere to all the requisite regulations when doing our job.

We, at QPC, offer customized pest control solutions according to your requirements. Whatever be the pest that you are looking to eliminate from your premises, whether they are bed bugs, cockroaches or rats, from either your home or office premises, we assure that we will carry out the pest control job in the most environment-friendly manner and following the best practices. We also offer the most affordable pest control rates in Al Barsha.

Cockroach Control in Al Barsha

Cockroaches, like anywhere else in the world, are the most common pests in Al Barsha. The main species of cockroaches that inhabit homes are the German, Oriental and American cockroaches. AT QPC, our technicians decide on the method of elimination of the cockroaches after determining the level of infestation. The commonly employed extermination methods used are gel and spray treatments. Once completed, re-infestation is a very remote possibility.

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Bed Bugs Control in Al Barsha

Bed bugs infestation is a difficult one to handle. Our technicians at QPC start their bed bug extermination procedure with a thorough inspection of the premises to determine the right method to be used. If the bed bug infestation levels are very high, then there would be a number of follow-up treatment sessions.

As the leading pest control services in Al Barsha, we help to remove infestations in commercial buildings and residential spaces. We use the spray treatment most frequently to remove the bed bugs from your premises.

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Rat Control in Al Barsha

Rats are pests that procreate rapidly and its infestation is a difficult one to eliminate. A very different strategy has to be adopted to get rid of infestation by rats. The appropriate control methods have to be implemented for specific durations to get rid of these pests effectively.

Many rat control methods are available. Common methods to do away with rats include use of rat poison, use of rat traps and use of repellants including those using ultrasound. The treatment method chosen depends on the rodent type, the infestation level and the type of place that has to be treated. Our technicians are adept at laying the traps, monitoring them and servicing them regularly as required by the procedural standards.

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