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Below article from Gulf news: Abu Dhabi: Authorities in the emirate have cautioned residents against using the services of unlicensed pest control companies or personnel. This could prove dangerous to health and even fatal at times, they warned. Always hire licensed bug sprayers and cross examine their identification before permitting them to fumigate your premises; private pest controlling staff can be identified through their uniform and identity cards, the Centre of Waste Management (Tadweer) told Gulf News in a statement. To spread awareness among residents, the center said: “Only workers with adequate skills and appropriate equipment and pesticides are allowed to deal with pest problems.” Replying to a question about unauthorized pest controllers in Abu Dhabi, the center stated: “They didn’t identify any unauthorized pest controllers so far this year.” All the existing pest control staff, including managers, supervisors and technicians are well-trained professionals, continuously monitored and managed by Tadweer, it said. Past incidents In 2015, the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance found a pest control company owner guilty of causing a woman’s death, and ordered him to pay Dh30,000 on the manslaughter charge, Dh100,000 in blood money and Dh100,000 from his company because his staff had failed to follow the proper procedures while handling pesticides. Also in 2015, a three-week-old Syrian baby boy died after the wrong pesticide was used, while a Filipino girl died in Dubai in 2014. In 2013, three people died and two fell seriously in Ajman after a company used unauthorized pesticides. In 2011, a man was killed in Dubai, and in 2012, 10 people were treated in hospital in Dubai, while in 2010, two boys were killed in Ajman and their sister fell very sick. There are around 1,616 pest control operators in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Residents can find the registered pest control operators on the website of Tadweer. However, residents in Abu Dhabi appeared satisfied with the pest controller’s services. They had earlier complained about the companies exploiting residents. An Abu Dhabi resident, Aboobker Mohammed Ansar said: “Nowadays, the municipal authorities have tightened the noose on unlicensed and untrained pest control operators, so now they are doing the job properly. Earlier, there were a number of unlicensed, untrained pesters who used to exploit us of our money and were not doing the job properly,” he said. Abu Dhabi As part of its preparations for the new academic year, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) ran a cleaning and preventive pest control drive across all public schools in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Aimed at protecting the health of students and employees and preserving the aesthetic appeal of educational institutions, the campaign targeted 300 schools — 134 in Abu Dhabi city, 130 in Al Ain and 36 in Al Dhafra. As part of the move, Tadweer surveyed school premises for potential breeding sites of pests, such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants and rodents, and treated them with pesticides in line with health, safety and environmental standards.
The drive involved the deployment of 179 supervisors, technicians and drivers, 24 vehicles and 174 units of specialised pest control equipment. Tadweer also dispatched 869 cleaners, 23 automatic sweeping machines and 50 units of additional cleaning equipment to carry out in-depth cleaning of school buildings and their surroundings. Dr Salem Al Kaabi, acting general manager of Tadweer, said the pest control drive would ensure the health of students attending schools. “Tadweer has implemented a comprehensive pest control strategy to prevent diseases and preserve public health while avoiding environmental pollution. The centre’s cleaning and pest control drive prior to school opening is part of its sustained efforts to curb pest proliferation and maintain public hygiene in Abu Dhabi.
“Tadweer offers best-in-class pest control services that contribute to maintaining a healthy learning environment across all schools in the emirate. We are committed to using safe pesticides and environment-friendly methods to protect the health of students and employees,” he added.