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We Offer pest control services in Jumeirah Lake Towers area, Our professional approach offered services according to client requirements in dubai. We provide domestic and commercial Pest Control services.

We are approved by Dubai Municipality Exterminator Service All over the Dubai. We are offers eco-friendly, safe for children & odorless treatment. Our operators are well trained to give you safety tips and recommendation, as per Dubai Municipality Pest Control Section.

The Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a large development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which consists of 80 towers being constructed along the edges of three artificial lakes (Lake Almas West, Lake Almas East, JLT Lake) as well as the JLT Embankment of 8 tower facing Jumeirah Islands Initially JLT had 4 lakes (Lake Almas West, Lake Almas East, Lake Elucio, Lake Allure), in late 2012 developer (DMCC) announced that lake Elucio would be drained and 55,000 meter park would be created instead

The tallest tower and the centerpiece of the entire complex is Almas Tower which is situated on its own island between Lake Almas West and Lake Almas East. The completion of Saba Tower in December 2006 marked the first tower to be completed in Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

The majority of construction took place in 2008. By April 2011, over 80 percent of the towers in JLT was claimed to have been completed. As of June 2015 there were reported to still be 11 towers being either left undone due to the 2009 crisis or still undergoing construction in JLT. The most prominent of these are Wind Tower 1 and Wind Tower 2 that are part of Cluster B and right on Shk. Zayed Road – they are under construction since more than 12 years. pest control JLT
Pest control services, Home based services are provided to clients in this region by few major compnies we are happy to share that quality pest control also past of the same.

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